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About Us

We enable unorthodox app startups, and technology powered small businesses through early-stage financial and intellectual capital, deep strategic + operational expertise and access to global networks

Our typical advisor, partner and mentor profiles include successful businessmen, technology experts and industry veterans

We are ruthless when it comes to execution and empathetic when it comes to strategy and we believe that our insistence on enabling a performance - powered culture establishes the right foundation for a tech startup and small businesses.

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Investment Thesis

Make it happen attitude

Venture growth can be achieved by a team that is self-driven who assumes personal risks while creating tangible value for the venture. The team who makes things happen while respecting the integrity and value-system.

Customer funded

The best capital for a venture is having paying customers as soon as possible. That's the best validation of venture-viability. We look for founders who share our mindset of making the venture customer funded as early as possible.

Sustainable Growth

Investment business, by its design, focuses on growth at any cost. Not us. We look for growth, but it has to be a sustainable growth for the venture. This eliminates unnecessary pressure of proving that a particular venture is valuable to the world. We aim to back ventures that makes high-growth business and serve humanity over the long run.


Brief info about what your venture does, market size, your traction, your secret sauce, monetization, team strength, what kind of investment and intellectual support you require and what you will accomplish once you have gathered the required support.

Yes. Send us your requirements. We have a wide network of resources and if we consider it appropriate, we shall connect you with the relevant profiles.

Pitch Deck-> Communication to understand it deeply-> Financials & Cap Table Review->Reference Check-> Term Sheet & Iteration-> Draft Agreement Signed-> Legal Formalities Completed

Startups and small businesses need more than funds. Sometimes, they need technical resources, sometimes they need operational expertise, sometimes they need strategic guidance. Sometimes they need acquisition handholding. Our vast network of advisors and partners can help you for your intellectual capital needs.

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